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MGQ is a one stop shop for all your stone countertop needs

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Digital Templating

We use the newest technology to template (measure) for your new countertops.

Digital templating is key to a good granite / quartz fabrication and installation process and finished product.

Digital templating is essential.

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Custom Countertop Fabrication

After templating we fit your job into slab format and move to our cnc for cutting.

If there are veins we always do our best to ensure at least one vein touches on each side of the seam.

Once cut we hand polish every countertop to ensure a good shine.

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Countertop Installation

Our installers are Grande Prairies most experienced installers. Combined we have over 30 years experience working with stone tops in Grande Prairie Alberta.

We have the right vehicles, ramps and wheels / tooling to ensure your tops are installed quickly and safely.

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6-713012 Range Road 75


587 343 7610

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9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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